MIT KDC only listening on lo

Fredrik Tolf fredrik at
Wed Sep 22 14:48:27 EDT 2004

I have a laptop that I want to do Kerberos authentication on. Being a
laptop, I sometimes remove it from my network, so that it can't reach my
primary KDC. To overcome this, I've installed a MIT KDC on the laptop
running its own realm and set up cross-realm authentication.

However, being a laptop, I sometimes want to run it completely without a
network interface. This seems to be a problem, since the MIT KDC only
wants to listen to external interfaces. This means that it doesn't even
want to start when I don't have any external interfaces (only the
loopback interface).

Does anyone know if the KDC is configurable to just listen to,
or will I have to take the time to patch it?

Fredrik Tolf

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