ssh-krb5 problems ghe at
Tue Sep 21 12:35:51 EDT 2004

Hi people,

> I dont understand your answer

Sorry.. i will try to explain better...

> Le mardi 21 Septembre 2004 01:31, Ghe Rivero a écrit :
>> El lun, 20-09-2004 a las 15:27 -0500, Luis Daniel Lucio Quiroz escribió:
>> > do you have your   host/fqdn.server2  realm done?  or your
>> > ssh/fqdn.server2?
>> 	host/fqdn.server2, that's what i have and what i get when connecting
>> locally.

    I have done the host/ssh-server.princial (with kadmin to create the
principal and kadmin:ktadd to add it to the /etc/krb5.keytab file in the
ssh server)

   When i connect locally to the ssh server, I get the ticket
host/ssh-server.princial properly, but when coneccting to another ssh
server, there is no communication with the KDC to try to obtain the

    Ghe Rivero

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