When does krb5_rd_req return ENOENT?

Ken Hornstein kenh at cmf.nrl.navy.mil
Tue Sep 21 12:44:45 EDT 2004

>3. From an strace, I've managed to find out that the Kerberos library
>opens the replay cache, reads it, and then tries to open a file with the
>empty string as file name (which explains the ENOENT). It then closes
>the replay cache.
>I've linked against the MIT Krb5 libraries, version 1.2.7.
>Can someone be as kind as to shed some light on this problem for me?

I've seen cases where a system crash can corrupt the replay cache.  This
sounds like it might be what happened here.  The fix is to simply delete
the replay cache; the next run of a Kerberos daemon will fix it, and
everything will be fine.


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