ssh-krb5 problems ghe at
Sun Sep 19 06:00:04 EDT 2004

Hi people,
    thks to all of you that help me some days ago. Know, i have a smaller
problem, but still is a problem.

    Scenario: 1 KDc, and two clients/servers with ssh-krb5.

    If I connect to the local sshd (using their fqdn, of course) i get i
ticket for the service and everything works properly (is shown using
klist and even in the kdc logs). But when i connect to the other
server, nothing happens (no ticket is obteined) :(

    Both sides have the same configuration, and works properly coneccting
to localhost.
Anyidead about what's h¡going on? Thx in advanced.

    Ghe Rivero

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