Kadmin GSS-API Error

Tom Yu tlyu at MIT.EDU
Fri Sep 17 17:28:48 EDT 2004

>>>>> "lyzhang" == Lynn Zhang <lyzhang at umich.edu> writes:

lyzhang> The kadmin from 1.2.8 wrote information to the log,
lyzhang> Sep 17 17:02:47 Request: kadm5_init, admabcd/admin at LAUGUAGE.UMICH.EDU,
lyzhang> success,
lyzhang> client=admabcd/admin at LSA.UMICH.EDU, service=kadmin/admin at LAUGUAGE.UMICH.EDU,
lyzhang> addr=141.211.X.X

lyzhang> The one from 1.3.4 did not write any information to the log.

Interesting.  Did you see any logs from krb5kdc for an AS_REQ from the
1.3.4 client that failed?  I assume you see an AS_REQ logged from the
1.2.8 client.


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