PAM_KRB5 Issue

Tyson Oswald oswaldt at
Fri Sep 17 13:26:37 EDT 2004

I have successult gotten SEAM -> AD to work on our Solaris 8 machines,
and am now trying to get it to work on our Solaris 9 servers.  I have
setup the krb5.conf file exactly the same.  I am unable to login with
my AD crednetials.  I find this error in /var/adm/messages

PAM_KRB5 (auth): error reading service ticket (authentication failed):
No such file or directory

I also get an error referring to a not being able to fine the
credentials for the host on the default keytab file which I don't
understand, as I do not have a KDC server setup.

Does anyone know what the differences are running SEAM on Solaris 8
and on 9?

thanks,Tyson Oswald

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