Kerberos Cross Compiling

Sulamita Garcia sulamita.garcia at
Tue Sep 14 09:33:18 EDT 2004

Ken Raeburn wrote:

> If you can identify any configuration tests which are assuming the 
> host and target are the same, but can fairly easily be made to not 
> make that assumption (e.g., transforming a test from "runs without 
> crashing if property X is true" to "won't compile unless property X is 
> true"), we'd be happy to take patches.  I might be able to give a 
> limited amount of help, though I can't promise anything.  (I've got a 
> couple important projects that are not as far along as I'd like.)  
> Some of the tests may be of the form "does X work" or "does X behave 
> this way", which requires running a program.  I don't think there's 
> much we can do about that.

The first change I notice is when configure is checking for regcomp:

checking for working regcomp... configure: error: Cannot test regcomp 
when cross compiling

So we changed the aclocal.m4 :
<   errprint(__file__:__line__: warning: Cannot check for file existence 
when cross compiling
< )dnl
<   AC_MSG_ERROR(Cannot check for file existence when cross compiling)
 >     eval "ac_cv_file_$ac_safe=yes"
< ], ac_cv_func_regcomp=yes, ac_cv_func_regcomp=no, AC_MSG_ERROR([Cannot 
test regcomp when cross compiling]))])
 > ], ac_cv_func_regcomp=yes, ac_cv_func_regcomp=no, 

So I can compile. This used to work on 1.3.2.
The diferences in config.cache are few and I don't think are related, but...

< ac_cv_c_bigendian=${ac_cv_c_bigendian=yes}
 > ac_cv_header_endian_h=${ac_cv_header_endian_h=yes}
 > ac_cv_header_machine_endian_h=${ac_cv_header_machine_endian_h=no}
< krb5_cv_sys_rcdir=${krb5_cv_sys_rcdir=/tmp}
 > krb5_cv_sys_rcdir=${krb5_cv_sys_rcdir=/var/tmp}

There is some place where I can see a log about changes? I can set 
breakpoints and stuff, but will be much more longer when I have no idea 
for where start... well, probably seeking this message errors...

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