Please help: Kerberos and web applications?

simon simon at
Sun Sep 12 11:24:52 EDT 2004


This is quite obviously a newbie question, and for a presentation I need 
to give: I have a *theoretical* "web portal". The actual services 
provided are not specified (accounting, if that tells you anything), and 
I was under the impression that I could use Kerberos to authenticate 
users from this web portal, as well as users on the server's network.

I've been reading up on this, but I'm unfamiliar with this sort of web 
development, and am not sure if what I'm reading supports this... Is 
this possible?

The implementation details aren't really relevent, this is a case study, 
but I was assuming an application embedded into a webpage that 
communicates with the Kerberos server, and then the ticket granting 
server, etc, and transfers data. Is this correct?

A confirmation either way would be hugely appreciated. Thankie


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