JAAS Kerberos login module

Ying Zhao Ying.Zhao at ithaka.org
Fri Sep 10 15:14:08 EDT 2004

Java JAAS module is not necessarily used to obtain local credentials,
right? I tried a program using a different KDC on another realm and it
still works, the only thing I needed to do is just to specify the KDC
and realm of the destination.

- Ying

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As a hint: Java JAAS modules do not perform network authentication.  
They are used to obtain
local credentials which may or may not be used in the future input to 
the network authentication
protocol such as GSS-API.  Java provides its own implementation of 
GSS-API Kerberos 5 for use
in communicating with other GSS-API Kerberos 5 compatible clients and 

Jeffrey Altman

Ying Zhao wrote:

>Thanks, Derrick!
>However, as far as my understanding about GSS-API, it is more like a
>peer-to-peer implementation. If I want to stick to (or at most
>"com.sun.security.auth.module.Krb5LoginModule" - a JAAS plug-in module,
>is this going to be a potential problem? From the source code, it is a
>NT implementation and I am working on tuning it for UNIX one.
>- Ying

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