AW: BC-SNC, MIT Kerberos V, SSO, GSS-API v2

Calin Barbat c.barbat at
Tue Sep 7 09:26:35 EDT 2004

Hello Cevat,

1. Which format should I use (in SAPLogon - and in the instance *.PFL) 
for the SNC-Name of the SAP-Server I want to connect to?
I saw here a Win2k SAPLogon where you can use 
"p:<user's_win_logon_name>" - and, I already use "Max. available".

2. All values are (as of now) set to 1.
I tried the proposed values, getting the same error output in dev_w0.

3. Which mechanisms are important for Win2k interoperability?
In Kerberos 1.2.8 I saw a Win2k specific user2user mech, a pre-rfc1964 
mech and an rfc1964 compliant one.
I even tried to disable two of them, so there was only the rfc1964 mech 
left. This didn't solve the problem either.

Thanks for your time and suggestions,

Calin Barbat.

Cevat.Guersoy at wrote:

>Hello Calin,
>to be sure the configuration on the SAPGui and the SAP-Application-Server is correct please verify the following values:
>1.) SAP-GUI: check the values of the "SAPLogon"-program.
>	Start the "SAPLogon"-program and select the desired server-entry
>	Click on Properties and then click on "more..."
>	You will get a new window, where you should check the entry "Max. available" for "Secure-Network-Properties"
>	You should also verify the SNC-Name of the SAP-Server you want to connect to.
>2.) SAP-Application-Server: check the profile-parameters for the following fields:
>	snc/data_protection/min=1
>	snc/data_protection/max=3
>	snc/data_protection/use=9
>3.) Kerberos-Configuration: check the available mechanisms for encryption, integrity and authorisation
>I hope it helps.
>Best regards
>Cevat Gürsoy

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