problem with solaris, admin, and /etc/hosts

Neil W Rickert rickert+nn at
Sun Sep 5 08:52:47 EDT 2004

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vadim.tarassov at (vadim) writes:

>I am trying to setup kerberized openssh on several solaris
>boxes. Our unix admin installs solaris in such way, that first record in
>/etc/hosts contains unqualified hostname, i.e. like this:

>111.222.333.444   mybox whatsoever.mydomain

>I told him to change "mybox" to FQDN hostname, but he really does not
>like it saying that suns installation procedure inserts unqualified
>hostname and he does not want to mess around with it.

You can put both short and fully qualified name on the same line,
satisfying most software.  If the software is fussy, you may need the
fully qualified name to be first.

If your host info is in DNS, you can list "dns" first on the hosts
line in "/etc/nsswitch.conf", and that might do what you want without
changing "/etc/hosts".  If you want to play it safe, put the
appropriate IP address (rather than hostname) in "/etc/hostname.*",
so that the system can startup without needing to use "/etc/hosts".

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