KfW Integrated Logon

Sensei senseiwa at tin.it
Fri Oct 29 08:12:42 EDT 2004

Maurice Massar wrote:
> is it possible with KfW to do an "Integrated Logon" like OpenAFS does?
> What I want to do, is logon to a samba3 Domain, and getting kerberos
> tickets using the same username and password automatically.

If by integrated logon you mean using a non-MS kdc, yes, it is. Use the 
server utilities to integrate your tools (you need ksetup). Then make a 
local profile on windows with the same name of your principal. No way of 
using a remote authentication without a local profile --- except AD of 
course. I've been reported XP's SP2 has the feature without any 
additional sw, but I won't use it...

Second, no, samba is a NT domain, while XP defaults to AD, so LDAP plus 

There are some documents on MS's site.

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