problem setting up ssh-krb5 from Debian Sarge

Wes Chow wes at
Fri Oct 29 13:50:57 EDT 2004

> 	My passwd entry is no different then yours, other than the username 
> 	of course.  I never added anything to PAM for the remote user.  I just 
> created them via "adduser --disabled-password [username]".

The remote user isn't registered through adduser (and thus isn't in
/etc/passwd).  It was done on an NIS server, and /etc/passwd was
modified to allow for NIS logins.

> 	Regarding the common-auth file; we are talking about the common-auth 
> file on the remote system right?

Yes, there's only one system in question right now.  I'm telnetting
into it, then from there trying to ssh to itself.


--          OpenPGP key = 0xA5CA6644
fingerprint = FDE5 21D8 9D8B 386F 128F  DF52 3F52 D582 A5CA 6644

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