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Phil Dibowitz phil at
Mon Oct 25 16:35:50 EDT 2004

On Mon, Oct 25, 2004 at 01:28:32PM -0700, Eric Andresen wrote:
> Try adding this small patch to your krb5 distribution -- it enables
> kinit to look up default values for lifetime, renew lifetime, and
> forwardable from the kinit and libdefaults sections.

I'm happy to try a patch -- but if I understand the above (which I interpret
as "adds support to kinit for reading libdefaults attributes from"),
if that was the problem, wouldn't "kinit -r 7d" work? Since that fails to
work, I'm not understanding why adding this support would solve the problem
(although it's a useful feature, and a good patch to have...).

Am I missing something?

That probably sounds a lot like biting the hand that feeds me -- and I'm
really trying not to -- I just want to fully understand.

Thanks for everyone's help.
Phil Dibowitz
Systems Architect and Administrator
Enterprise Infrastructure / ISD / USC
UCC 174 - 213-821-5427

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