Kerberos + LDAP How-To

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Sat Oct 23 08:16:03 EDT 2004


why do you use SSL and put extra load on the client/server if you already
use Kerberos ? SASL/GSSAPI does authentication AND encryption !!
Cyrus-sasl may show only a SSF of 56, but this is only because is hardcoded
in cyrus, it should be calculated from the kerberos key type .e.g. with
3des,rc4 have a SSF of 128 or so.


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>>>>>> "Matt" == Matt Joyce <syslists at> writes:
>    Matt> Thanks much to all of you for your responses.  Much of what
>    Matt> I wanted to do is actually answered more in depth
>    Matt> on-line.... took me a long time to find good documentation
>    Matt> on it.
>    Matt>
>    Matt> Seems to be the best docs i've seen to date on the kerberos
>    Matt> ldap link up.  Just thought I'd share that.
> And I naturaly would like to take the chanse of promoting
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