Kerberos AFS ticket problem

Kevin Coffman kwc at
Wed Oct 20 12:25:24 EDT 2004

Hi Derek,
I have a few questions, and then I can generate a new keytab for your
afs/ principal.  You will then need to run the asetkey program
to copy the key out of the keytab and into your KeyFile.  You'll need a copy
of the asetkey program, hence the questions:

1) What OS platform are you running your OpenAFS server(s) on?
2) Are you using Transarc paths or the OpenAFS default paths?
   (is your KeyFile in /usr/afs/etc/ or /usr/local/etc/openafs/server/?)

After I create the new keytab, clients that are already using the old key
should continue to work.  Clients getting tickets from
kerberos-[124] will not work until you add the new key to your
KeyFile and propagate that to all your servers.


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