Kerberos & LDAP

Rachel Elizabeth Dillon red at MIT.EDU
Tue Oct 19 19:12:57 EDT 2004

Kerberos and LDAP are very very different things. If they were animals,
one would be a dog and one would be something very different, like maybe
a lemur. Basically, Kerberos is an authentication service which uses
strong encryption to guarantee the authentication of users and hosts.
LDAP, on the other hand, is a database protocol that is often used to 
store hierarchical directory information.

For the most part they have different purposes, though sometimes they 
can be used in concert to have an authenticated and encrypted database
of directory information. You can sort of use LDAP for authentication,
though it is much like teaching a lemur to fetch (really strange and
awkward). You cannot use Kerberos as a directory database; dogs do not
climb trees.

To learn more about Kerberos, try the excellent Kerberos FAQ at:

To learn more about LDAP, try this LDAP FAQ (one of many) at:

Best of luck. 


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> Can you point me to any resources that explain how Kerberos is different /
> similar to LDAP?
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