Credential Cache Error

Ben Fineman bfineman at
Thu Oct 14 13:45:13 EDT 2004

Good afternoon,

We have a client for whom we are trying to get Kerberos up and running 
but have run into a problem. Each time he tries to get a ticket or have 
any interaction that requires a ticket, he gets the following error:

Unknown credential cache type
(Kerberos error 140)

krb5_cc_default() failed


Credentials cache I/O operation failed XXX
(Kerberos error 193)

krb5_cc_default() failed

We are using KFW v2.6.5 under Windows 2000 SP4. We have uninstalled any 
reinstalled multiple times, trying to clean out any legacy files and 
registry entries between installs. He has had previous versions of 
Kerberos installed on this machine, including Wake, etc. It seems to me 
that there is something stuck, either in the registry or in a file 
location that I don't know of, that is causing problems. Any ideas would 
be much appreciated.

Ben Fineman

Benjamin J. Fineman
System Administrator

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