Using ssh-keys for kerberos authentication

Michael Tautschnig michael.tautschnig at
Thu Oct 14 02:35:31 EDT 2004

>    Michael> Hi!  I'm wondering wether it is (at least theoretically)
>    Michael> feasible to use a ssh-key to get kerberos tokens!? This
>    Michael> is fairly important to me, since filesystems such as
>    Michael> coda, afs of nfsv4 depend on kerberos-authentication to
>    Michael> access the filespace.
> It is theoretically possible.  You would need to modify the Kerberos
> KDC to support this.
Is there anyone out there planning to do this? If not, could someone give 
me some hints where to start?

> Why not just use Kerberos authentication at the ssh layer though.
People like ssh-keys and they are considered rather secure, passwords are 
not (they are more vulnerable to brute-force-attacks).

Thanks in advance,

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