kerberos mysteriously placed into my computer

Jeffrey Altman jaltman2 at
Mon Oct 11 19:37:58 EDT 2004

Kerberos is an integral part of Windows XP.  If you upgraded to
Windows XP that is most likely where you obtained a kerberos.dll

Once you upgrade to XP, the vnetbios.vxd file is no longer used.
It is specific to Win9x.

As for COMMAND.COM, you want to use CMD.EXE when running XP.

mark farley wrote:

> I have had major problems with my computer for several months. After hundreds of hours of research and learning the behavior patterns of my OS, I am certain that somewhere online, Kerberos was put into my system. I found the certificate in my system as well.
> I am running windows 98 with an XP upgrade. NT is also been overlayed. I cannot ru DOS commands. I was able to work with some of the alternate DOS codes. *.* is the root of everything that is running in the system. I have Virtual fat. that I cannot partition. the The system commands are inacessible. I cannot run COMMAND.COM. the vnetbios.vxd is missing or corrupt. Mysterios unknown hardware and software is being setup. I have a DELL system that DELL diognostics has rendered a non DELL system. If someone will contact me ASAP. I must admit this program is quite amazing. However, I would like my system back.
> Regards,
> Mark r. Farley
> 719-233-2106.
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