Release 0.1.2 from the Hurderos Project. g.w at
Wed Oct 6 20:21:44 EDT 2004

Good evening to everyone.

The Hurderos Project released version 0.1.2 of its Open-Source
enterprise identity, services and authorization management solution on
October 6th, 2004.  Source and binaries are available at the following


Significant changes between the 0.1.1 and 0.1.2 release are noted

The web site has also been updated, most significantly, with a
Hurderos Project FAQ and the beginning of a roadmap for future
development.  The project site can be found at the following location:

The goal of the Hurderos Project is to move Open-Source enterprise
solutions upward in the technology stack by providing a truely
open-architecture and open-source solution for identity management and
service provisioning.

While major commercial Linux players either own or are investing in
directory service solutions there is no open-source product which
integrates all the disparate technologies needed for a complete and
integrated enterprise information management solution.

The identity based authorization scheme used by Hurderos provides an
open-architecture replacement for the proprietary scheme used in
products such as Active Directory.  The project web-site has
additional details on strategies for the upcoming release which will
build a feature enhanced version of the MIT Key Distribution
Center/Administrative server using the Hurderos authorization

Due to the complexity of the underlying technologies the next pair of
releases will also focus on providing an integrated build and
installation process for MIT Kerberos, OpenLDAP and the Hurderos
management system, graphical interface, support tools and software
API's.  The goal of these enhancements will be to reduce the barrier
for organizations which desire to implement a comprehensive and
complete Open-Source identity, services and system management

Significant changes from 0.1.1 -> 0.1.2:

        * Validated against Postgres 7.4.3

        * Fixed client side GSSAPI name creation.  Connections now
          work to foreign hosts.

        * Removed commented instances of ISMEcom constructor calls.
          These had been commented when ISMEcom was updated to support
          secured communication contexts.

        * Dropped crufty unused Java code.

        * Cleaned out references to deprecated Java methods.

        * Updated build process to use MIT Kerberos 1.3.5.

        * Implemented new Property display widget for identity

        * Login screen acquires Kerberos credentials if administrator
          identity and password is specified.

        * isme invocation wrapper uses Postgresql jar file found in
          $prefix/lib if available.

As always,
                         The Hurderos Project
         Open Identity, Service and Authorization Management

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