Kerberos behind load balancer?

Gary LaVoy glavoy at
Wed Oct 6 15:05:12 EDT 2004

>>> The load balancer is simply another failure point.
>> As is everything else.
> However load balancers are complicated devices and more prone to 
> failure.

WHOA! - Yes load balancers can be complicated if you want to use all 
the features, but "prone to failure"?? where do you get that from?

We have hundreds of them and they work great. We even have our 4 KDC's 
behind one with not a single problem ever.

One of my load balancers has over 950 hours of continuous uptime 
without so much as a hiccup. If it *did* fail, it would simply fail 
over to it's standby load balancer and keep right on going (we install 
them in pairs so there is never a single point of failure).

Gary LaVoy
Apple Computer, Inc.

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