Compiling 1.3.5 under Solaris --disable-dns<all>

Ken Raeburn raeburn at MIT.EDU
Sat Nov 27 00:09:49 EST 2004

On Nov 26, 2004, at 10:56, Guus Leeuw jr. wrote:
> Because I had a linker problem, since locate_kdc.c is relying on a 
> function
> from dns*.c. The latter has #ifdef KRB5_DNS_LOOKUP around all its 
> code, so
> that krb5int_free_srv_dns_data() is not compiled or in the package.
> Because of this eventual mistake, I was thinking, eventually MIT KRB5 
> may
> not work altogether with --disable-dns<all>

First, the options are "--disable-dns", "--enable-dns-for-realm", 
"--disable-dns-for-kdc"; if you added "<all>", under UNIX, you were 
redirecting input from a file called "all" and output to some other 

Second, I believe we're only supporting --enable-dns-for-realm in the 
upcoming release; the DNS SRV query code will always be compiled in, 
and will always default to yes for finding KDCs given a realm name 
(though the config file can override that).


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