delegation from a MIT win98 client to Active Directory

Jeffrey Altman jaltman2 at
Fri Nov 26 04:26:37 EST 2004

Mads Rasmussen wrote:
> We would like to make the "double-hop" work on a Windows 98 client. To 
> make this more clear:
> - A domain with a AD server and Kerberos tickets used for authentication
> - a Windows 98 station navigating the web through IE
> - Accessing a page in an IIS server
> - The page retrieves data in a SQL OLAP server.

You cannot make this work because Internet Explorer on Win98 does
not support GSS-API Kerberos 5.  Installing MIT Kerberos for Windows
on Win98 cannot change this.  MIT KFW is only useful with applications
that were written to the MIT Kerberos APIs.

Jeffrey Altman

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