AW: AW: AW: compiling kerberos for sparcv9

Barbat, Calin c.barbat at
Thu Nov 25 05:06:07 EST 2004

Thank you very, very much, I finally compiled it, using the SUNWspro C Compiler 5.0

PS: Could you point me to a good source of information concerning the integration of a GSS-API-capable application (running on a Linux/Solaris-Server) in a Windows Server 2003 AD? Or maybe forward my request to a knowledgeable administrator/user?

I have sometimes the error: "Key version number [...] incorrect" on the server side. I generate the keytab in AD with ktpass -kvno 1 but when using /usr/local/bin/kvno on the server I get KVNO=6. Ethereal shows me 6 too. What could I do to ensure that the kvno is in sync? Or is it another issue?

Ethereal also shows AS-REP [Short frame], although I am using TCP instead of UDP, by having set some Registry key ...\Kerberos\Parameters\MaxPacketSize=1.
Why the [Short Frame]? There are so many questions.


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On Nov 24, 2004, at 05:18, Barbat, Calin wrote:
> Yes, you're right, it's /usr/ucb/cc. I talked to a colleague here, and 
> he will see what he can do about getting the "right" compiler from 
> Sun. Is the Forte C Compiler alright? And do I need additional stuff?

Yes, I believe it's another name for the same compiler suite.
As far as I'm aware, that's all you should need; the assembler and 
linker should already be there.


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