AW: Single Sign On

Fouad CHMAINY chmainy_fouad at
Wed Nov 24 11:24:36 EST 2004

Everything that I still found concerns only the theorical part of the project (still not tested).
IIf you want some documentation about that:
 try to have a global vision of all my system landscape before acting. That is why I asked you all these questions on the forum. ;D
So I am sorry but i can't help you already with Your SNC's errors.

"Barbat, Calin" <c.barbat at> wrote:

> I wish to implement a kerberized Single Sign On in a W2003 and Active Directory based environment..

Me too. :-) 

> I found how to implement the SSO on the environment SAP (with SNC) 

How do you do it? I still get some SNC errors, concerning the kvno.

> Because, in the documentation I collected, I find only the securisation of the communications between the Application Server and the SAPGUI.

What documentation do you have so far? Can you provide me with more information?



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