AW: AW: compiling kerberos for sparcv9

Barbat, Calin c.barbat at
Wed Nov 24 05:18:07 EST 2004

Yes, you're right, it's /usr/ucb/cc. I talked to a colleague here, and he will see what he can do about getting the "right" compiler from Sun. Is the Forte C Compiler alright? And do I need additional stuff?


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On Nov 24, 2004, at 03:44, Barbat, Calin wrote:
> I ran into another issue, perhaps you already know how to solve this 
> sort of conflict:
> cc -xarch=v9 -D_XOPEN_SOURCE=500 -D__EXTENSIONS__ -DPACKAGE_NAME=\"\" 
> "/usr/include/sys/unistd.h", line 232: macro _PC_LAST redefines 
> previous macro at "/usr/ucbinclude/unistd.h", line 97

Oh... are you using /usr/ucb/cc?  I would suggest avoiding it.  I'm 
using the "Sun ONE Studio 8" compiler, according to "cc -xhelp=readme". 
  If you can get Sun's "real" C compiler, I recommend using it.

If you don't have this compiler available, then gcc may be your next 
best bet, but I didn't have any luck last time I tried it (which, 
granted, was probably a couple years or so ago, so things may have 
improved).  Whether it works may also be dependent on whether you have 
the GNU binutils installed, and for 64-bit Solaris, I don't know what 
to recommend there either. :-(


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