storing tickets in memory

Ken Raeburn raeburn at MIT.EDU
Thu Jun 10 13:18:04 EDT 2004

On Jun 10, 2004, at 09:11, Adam Denenberg wrote:
> ok thanks for the info.  I did some reading and was basically thinking
> of implementing kerberos here on our unix systems but read about some
> security concerns about ticket credentials being stored in /tmp.
> Meaning anyone with root can become another user and steal his/her
> credentials.  How do people deal with this security issue?

By realizing that unless your OS significantly curtails the access 
granted to root, the root user can look at users' shared memory 
segments and local process memory, or run processes as the target user, 
or modify system software to do things the users don't intend; so 
basically, the game is over once the bad guy gets root access.


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