Kerberos: about account in realm

nuspran nuspran at
Tue Jun 8 12:16:37 EDT 2004

Dear folks:
    I am a graduate student of EECS, National Taiwan University, R.O.C.
My name is Chi-Chia, Lin. 
    I'm now trying to use Kerberos services, but I encounter a problem
getting an account in remote realm ATHENA.MIT.EDU. I have downloaded 
leash and installed it. My windows 2000 professional has also set
to the domain of the realm by ksetup. Now all I need is an account
to login the realm and get a ticket for my communication.
    Please tell me how to get an account there? I searched the web
but I always find the messages such as "Please contact your network 
administrator" or simply "you need an account in the realm".
    Thank you for your attention! Please help me!
                                            Best regards, 
                                                  Chi-Chia, Lin

Network database lab
institute of EECS, NTU
Chi-Chia, Lin
nuspran at

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