Benchmarking kftp and ftp

Mr Self Destruct tagada at
Tue Jun 8 18:06:37 EDT 2004


I'm currently writing benchmarks to compare the speed of ftp vs kftp. I
have three computers on a 100 mb/s LAN. One is the kdc, one is a client,
the third is the ftp server. All computers are running on Debian 3.
1) The benchmark for ftp is based on the command "time". I'm timing the
whole process of logging till bye is typed. All is made with automatic
Perl scripts even the ftp commands typing. The server uses the proftp
2) I'm using the same process for kftp. I do the kinit before

I have a sample of files of different size. Each file is downloaded ten
times, then I only keep the mean of the time transfer.

Here are the results in seconds :
16  bytes      0.0404
128 bytes      0.04054
  1 KB         0.040154
  8 KB         0.0412154
 64 KB         0.05382154
512 KB         0.119682154
  4 MB         1.5084682154
 32 MB        11.86024682154
256 MB       148.321224682154
  2 GB      1197.84332246822

 16 B          0.0277
128 B          0.03217
  1 KB         0.032817
  8 KB         0.0318817
 64 KB         0.03598817
512 KB         0.084298817
  4 MB         0.5235298817
 32 MB        11.27425298817
256 MB       142.527725298817
  2 GB      1153.79037252988

As you can see, the transfer time looks slightly better with kftp, 
a fact that I find hard to believe because there's more data transfer due
to the TGS request and replies and the session key transfer between
client and server.

As someone any explaination or hints for me ??

Thank you !!

Mr Self Destruct

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