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Jeffrey Altman jaltman2 at nyc.rr.com
Mon Jun 7 11:37:00 EDT 2004

Adding the user to the local machine database is not about
authentication but authorization.  Once the machine has identified
that I am jaltman at ATHENA.MIT.EDU it needs to know whether or not
there is an account into which jaltman at ATHENA.MIT.EDU is allowed
to access.

Jeffrey Altman

Lara Adianto wrote:

> Thanks, that's a very clear explanation !
> But I still can't understand why I should add the user
> to the local machine as well. When the server (the
> local machine) does AP-REQ processing, it doesn't need
> the username right ? The server only needs to compare
> the username in the authenticator and the ticket and
> see if the two of them match...Correct me if i'm
> wrong.
> -lara-
> --- Jeffrey Altman <jaltman2 at nyc.rr.com> wrote:
>>Lara Adianto wrote:
>>>1. ksetup /setmachpassword password
>>>If we don't do this, the user can't login although
>>>the KDC site, it seems that AS-REQ is being
>>>Why ?
>>>2. Why do I need to add the user in the local
>>>(windows) in order for it to be able to
>>>to MIT KDC, although actually the username (or the
>>>principal in this case) is already added in the
>>KDC ?
>>If pre-authentication is not being used it is
>>for anyone to obtain a TGT for any principal, all
>>must do is ask the KDC for one and it will send it.
>>The TGT is encrypted in the long term key of the
>>and it is assumed that only the individual that
>>that long term key can decrypt it.  (naive
>>which is why pre-authentication should be required.)
>>The machine you are logging into does not know
>>or not pre-authentication was used to obtain the
>>The user who obtains the TGT must authenticate
>>to the machine.  This requires an AS_REQ exchange in
>>order to obtain a service ticket authenticating the
>>user principal to the machine.  Simply obtaining the
>>Service Ticket does not prove authentication.  The
>>machine must be able to decrypt it and perform a
>>mutual authentication proof using the knowledge
>>provided within.
>>the ksetup set machine password command performs the
>>windows equivalent of providing a keytab on Unix. 
>>gives the machine access to its long term key so
>>it is capable of decrypting the service ticket the
>>will present during an authentication at login.
>>Jeffrey Altman
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