Windows 2003 KDC: Problem mit ktpass

Rouiller Claude claude.rouiller at
Thu Jun 3 08:32:38 EDT 2004


I have a problem with ktpass (from MS Windows 2003):
I type the command:
   ktpass /princ sso_jabasauth/ at SSOTEST.COUCOU.COM
/mapuser ssojabasauth /pass * /out sso_jabasauth.keytab
ktpass gives me the following error message:
   DsCrackNames returned 0x2 in the name entry for ssojabasauth.

do you know what this error meens?
It seems to me that ktpass can't find this user in the directory, but I've
checked and both the "display name" and the "user logon name" of the account
are equal to "ssojabasauth".


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