ASN encoding

Gustavo Rios gustavo.rios at
Fri Oct 31 18:57:59 EST 2003

Dear gentleman/madam,

i am studing kerberosV (RFC1510) protocol specification. Some data
types for communication are specified as GeneralString encoding. Then
i started studying ASN. It came to surprise my that, not only the
sources of documentation advice against the usage of GeneralString as
also the own ITU standard. Since, I respectfully request your
clarification towards this.

How does current Kerberos implementations deal with this? I mean, how
the current encoding performing... What are the valid characters used
by the current implementation on the market. (And i am considering MIT
and HEIMDAL implementation at least, if you known some one else, let
me know).

Thanks a lot for your time.

PS: My source of information are:

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