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Tim Alsop Tim.Alsop at CyberSafe.Ltd.UK
Wed Oct 22 12:39:34 EDT 2003


I will consult our engineer tomorrow, who informed me of the 'standard interface' and I will pass the details to you.

We have no intention of making any part of this propriatory - in fact, this was the whole idea of proposing pam since it would be open for anybody to use the module via a standard based interface. We also plan to make this module work with both MIT and CyberSafe Kerberos implementations from day 1 and not be dependnant on any propriatory libraries.

Thanks again for your help,

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>>>>> "Tim" == Tim Alsop <Tim.Alsop at CyberSafe.Ltd.UK> writes:

    Tim>    Sam,

    Tim>    Our research on this subject suggests that pam does
    Tim> provide a "standard way" to convey the principal name for
    Tim> authorisation purposes.

Hi.  I'm a maintainer of a PAM implementation.  If this standard exists, it's rather poorly standardized.  Would you mind proposing what you plan to use?

Even if you consider parts of your solution proprietary, you have an interest in making the interface between the application and PAM public.

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