Help finding kadmin

Scott Ehrlich scott at
Sat Oct 11 09:46:30 EDT 2003

Hello to all:

A posting here from "Shane Stakem at" (back on Mar 4),
responding to the topic of "kadmin and utils on Windows" provided two
resources to obtain kadmin.

I have installed everything I can get my hands on - Win2K Server Resource
CD (all tools installed), Win2K Server CD supplemental tools, SDKs and a
couple other items from my MSDN Academic Alliance account. When all is
said and done, a hard drive search for kadmin*.* reveals nothing, and
Start > Run > kadmin also reveals nothing.

Where is kadmin?   Am I invoking it wrong?   Do I or should I have it
after the above tools/resources have been installed?

I'd really like to install it from the original Windows media (if that is
the appropriate source location from which to obtain it).

Any help in locating kadmin would be most appreciated.



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