preauth error

Kristian Rink krink at
Tue Oct 7 05:47:57 EDT 2003

Hi all,...

...just at the very beginning of getting used to krb5 configuration
and documentation related to it, I am left with the following
problem that totally prevents any of my currently created principals
from getting authenticated using krb5:

kerberos:~# kinit krink/admin
Password for krink/admin at PLANCONNECT.NET: 
kinit(v5): Password incorrect while getting initial credentials

kerberos:~# tail /var/log/krb-kdc.log 
Oct 07 11:44:18 kerberos krb5kdc[192](info): preauth (timestamp)
verify failure: Decrypt integrity check failed Oct 07 11:44:18
kerberos krb5kdc[192](info): AS_REQ (6 etypes {18 16 23 1 3 2}) PREAUTH_FAILED: krink/admin at PLANCONNECT.NET for
krbtgt/PLANCONNECT.NET at PLANCONNECT.NET, Decrypt integrity check

I was searching the FAQ, the mailing list archive and several other
sheets of doc I could find around for that; only hint I found was
that this probably could be a clock sync problem but since time sync
on our machines has been up and running properly for quite some time
now, I'm very quickly reaching the end of my wisdom. Is anyone
around here kind enough to enlighten a (still more or less clueless)

cheers & tia,

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