This is an alert from the AFOSR Security System at
Thu Jun 26 07:18:32 EDT 2003

*** NOTICE: AFOSR security systems have rejected this e-mail because it contains 
an infected attachment, contains unauthorized content, or is from a known spam 
source or open relay.  If you feel you have received this message in error, please 
contact the AFOSR Help Desk at (703) 696-7330. ***

Time: 07:17:40 6/26/2003
Scan result: Mail modified to remove malicious content
Protocol: SMTP in
File Name / Mail Subject: /opt/eSafe/eSafeCR/SPOOL/1056466480
Source: kerberos at
Destination: anna.beachem at
Details:  Msg #705 - The file type pif is on the Restricted List.

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