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>  > Secondly I think the term "forwarding" doesn't apply to the scenarios
>>  I'm reading about here.  If you log in to sshd with your Kerberos
>>  password, the remote credentials acquired in the process are actually
>>  local in this sense - they reside on the host that acquired them, as
>Right.  That's not what the poster wants.  That's not kerberos
>authentication, that's password authentication.
>>  sshd did that.  When used to authenticate to some service from there,
>>  that's just simple basic Kerberos authentication, no forwarding needed.
>The original poster wants to login LOCALLY with krb5, ssh to a remote
>machine with KERBEROS authentication; the forwarding is needed so that
>on the remote machine he can subsequently obtain tickets for xyz service
>(say, afs).

"Me Too" (TM)

So, is that possible?

Ideally, is it possible in an application that only talks generic 
SSL, so that it could in turn call a module that made use of the tgt? 
(The thread is sshd, but I'm thinking maybe 
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