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On Jun 7, 11:50am, Turbo Fredriksson wrote:
} Subject: Re: REQUEST:  Graphical Admin tools for Kerberos?

> >>>>> "MattW" = MattW  <mbw at> writes:
>     MattW> Are there any good graphical administrative tools for
>     MattW> kerberos out there? Usable on Debian Linux preferred.

> Sort of :)
> My (previously adFinis) phpQLAdmin was (primarily) designed to administrate
> a QmailLDAP(/Controls) database in (Open)LDAP. Since I use Kerberos for
> password storage, I naturally wanted to be able to modify my KDC database
> at the same time as the LDAP (mail, shell, etc).
> Now, because of limits in PHP (no Kerberos/AFS API) I could only make a
> dirty hack (a perl script that calls kadmin/kadmin.local with a keytab)
> to create (currently only CREATE, not modify/delete) a principal...
> If you know PHP (or  C/C++) and care to help out finishing the Kerberos/AFS
> part, I welcome you to :)

I'm working to stay on target for an end of June release for the GPL
version of Hurderos.  The Identity and Services Management Engine
(ISME) is a generic Java based system for doing service management and

The two main plug-ins for the system right now are an IDENTITY and
KERBEROS plug-in.  The IDENTITY plug-in maintains and manages an LDAP
directory entry for a user.  The KERBEROS plug-in as you would suspect
creates and manages kerberos services for a user.

Don't know what your timeframe is as this would probably be something
which would be intermediate in nature.

Best wishes for a productive week.


}-- End of excerpt from Turbo Fredriksson

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