krb5 "Error Code 52" - UDP packet size - TCP fallback

Ken Raeburn raeburn at MIT.EDU
Fri Jun 6 20:23:55 EDT 2003

Uli Schröder <uli.schroeder at> writes:
>> Yep, client-side TCP support wasn't in that release.  The 
>> upcoming release from MIT will include it.
> Is that already included in the snapshot or 1.3-beta versions on the
> internet? Did MIT announce an estimated time for a release?

Yes, it's been in the 1.3 code base for quite a while.  Since well
before we started the 1.3 branch, I believe.

I don't know if we've announced a time for the release, so I'll just
say "Real Soon Now". :-)

> I didn't have the time to experiment with different conditions. I just
> used a very simple test account and my own account to check the
> functionality. Yet still I am indeed in different groups that lots of
> other people are in as well.

That might do it.  Is your test account (which I assume is also having
the problem) also in lots of groups?

I'm in something like 100 AFS groups here; I wouldn't know how to
check on the Windows side, but the group administration is shared, so
I expect it's comparable.  (More than half were generated for me to
test with.)


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