ms2mit.exe: is there a corresponding mit2ms.exe ?

Thomas A. La Porte tlaporte at
Thu Jun 5 13:52:32 EDT 2003

Having just recently gotten a Win2K laptop, I have been working 
with integrating it into our MIT Kerberos environment and have 
stumbled on something and wonder if others have encountered this 
issue at their sites.

When working on the corporate network, everything works fine, I 
can authenticate, I can run ms2mit.exe to get my Kerberos 
credentials into a cache available to MIT-based apps. What I'm 
struggling with, however, is when I work through a VPN from home. 
In that case the KDC is not available to me at login, b/c I have 
yet to make a VPN connection. After logging in and making the VPN 
connection, I can run the 'kinit.exe' that is a part of the KfW 
distribution to get a TGT into my MIT cache, but I can't seem to 
find a way to get credentials into the MS cache, so certain apps 
(putty, e.g.) that are expecting my creds to be in the MS cache 
will not work.

Lacking an mit2ms.exe type application, is there no way for 
me to get a TGT into the MS cache other than at the initial 
login? The login panel to unlock the screensaver does not seem to
retrieve a new ticket if there is not an already existing TGT in 
the MS cache.

Just curious if others have encountered a similar situation, and 
if so, how it's been dealt with.


 -- Tom

Thomas A. La Porte, DreamWorks SKG
<mailto:tlaporte at>

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