problem with Kerberos/SASL/GSSAPI

Jeremy Fressard jfressar at
Tue Jun 3 05:30:25 EDT 2003

I have a problem with sample-server and sample-client.
To begin I have my Kerberos ticket (kinit).

After I start  up the server and the client, I copy and paste the 
response of the server into the client (this one choose GSSAPI ->that 
But, at this moment in my kdc.log, this error appear :
"Jun 03 09:44:48 kerb krb5kdc[4274](info): TGS_REQ 
BAD_ENCRYPTION_TYPE: authtime 1054626283, root/ at LAAS.FR for 
ldap/kerb at LAAS.FR, KDC has no support for encryption type" ????
But now, I have a ticket for my service (klist give me ldap/FQDN)???.

Now I copy the response of my client beginning with a 'C: ' into the 
server and then this one give the following error :  " sample-server: 
Line must start with 'C: ' " whereas it begin as well with that????

Could you help me?
Have you got an idea?

Tank you very much !!!!

trainee at LASS-CNRS
FRANCE (that why my english isn't beautiful)

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