Seeking Your Partnership

Mon Jun 2 02:35:44 EDT 2003

Dear Sir,

     I am Dr.Steve Young the Director of operations of STANDARD SECURITIES
in Amsterdam,Holland.
     Our firm is a finance/security company of high repute with its
headquarters in Holland and affiliate branch offices in South
Africa,Malaysia with many years of outstanding service to the people.

I have resolved to contact you through this medium based on business
proposal that will be of mutual benefit to both of us. I got your
particulars through internet,based on my search for a trustworthy
and established person that understands business e
thics for entering into a life time profitable joint partnership.

      Sometime in 1987,a reputable client of ours deposited a huge sum of
money for safe keeping.Unfortunately,he died along with his
entire family in 1988 Lockerbie Pan American Airline plane crash.Ever
since we got information about his death,we have been expecting his next
of kin to come over and claim his money because we cannot release it
unless somebody applied for it in the person of next of kin or relation to
the deceased as stipulated in our financial rules and
regulations,but,unfortunately till date of writting this mail to
you,nobody has come forward to claim the money.
    It is also a law here that any unclaimed funds for 14 years shall be
recalled back to the treasury and our government takes it as their
funds.Due to the failure of them to claim the funds it has accumulated a
considerable amount of money in demurrage.

   Hence,out of curiosity I decided to secretly open the two boxes that
our client deposited in our vault. And to my utmost surprise,I discovered
that the two boxes that were registered as treasuries by our client
actually contained a considerable amount of money in United States Dollars
amounting to about US$30 million Dollar.I also found out from enquiries
and the foreign media that our late client siphoned a lot of money from
his country.It is my conviction that the consignment in our vault was part
of the money that our client siphoned and now that he is dead there is no
trace to this money inour care.

     I am now soliciting your noble assistance to assist me in moving this
money out of Amsterdam to your country for immediate investment with your
assistance. I have also decided that you will be generously been
rewarded to 8% of the total amount. Upon the receipt of your reply
confirming your willingness to assist me on this transaction, I will
immediately arrange and transfer all the rights of ownership of this
consignment to your name to facilitate your easy clearance and movement of
the funds to your country or better still you can come over to our office
for the collection/claim of the consignment.
   All the rights and ownership of the consignment will be altered to your
own details.

   You have nothing to worry about, as I will be there to assist you in
anyway necessary with all proper documentation.This transaction is 100%
risk free.

   Please maintain absolute confidentiality on this matter.

  Looking toward a successful business relationship with you.
Yours truly

Dr.Steve Young

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