How do you find out what version of kerberos you have installed.

Ken Raeburn raeburn at MIT.EDU
Thu Feb 6 09:27:21 EST 2003

rich_cardwell at (Rich) writes:
> Hopefully someone on here can help me out, I have recently seen the
> security alert for Kerberos 1.2.4 and below, and I would like to check
> to see what version we have installed at our site. However I cannot
> see how to do this! I have had a look on the FAQ and on google/groups
> and I cannot find any pointers on how to do this. Does anyone on here
> know how I can check that our compiled/installed version isn't
> vunerable.

If you've got a recent enough version of the MIT code, on a UNIX box,
run "krb5-config --version".

If that doesn't work, you don't have a recent enough version. :-)


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