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Wyllys Ingersoll wyllys.ingersoll at sun.com
Wed Feb 5 13:20:20 EST 2003

Vanessa -
      Solaris 2.9 comes with Kerberos already installed, tested, and ready
to go.  It is based on MIT KRB5 1.2.X (we have kept up with bug fixes
etc etc).    We interoperate with MIT KRb5 and Microsoft AD just fine.
Plus, by sticking with the Kerberos software that comes with the OS,
you automatically get the same level of support for the Kerberos that
you have with the rest of your OS.    If you discover problems, you can
file bugs, and we do issue patches when the need arises.

     The Kerberized  "remote apps" (telnet, rlogin, ftp, rsh, rcp)  for Solaris
9 (also known as SEAM 1.0.2) need to be added separately and are
available as a free download from www.sun.com.    These are also
supported by Sun and have been tested extensively for interoperability.

     In previous Solaris releases (2.8, 2.7, etc), the Kerberos package
(SEAM 1.0.1) was completly unbundled and had to be added
separately.  In S9, this is no longer the case, the only unbundled
parts are the remote applications.  The core libraries, KDC and
other clients (klist, kinit) are bundled in Solaris 9 already.

-Wyllys Ingersoll
  Sun Microsystems.

Vanessa Jones wrote:
>>>>>>>"peterwu" == Peter Wu <peterwu at hotmail.com> writes:
>>peterwu> Luke Howard wrote:
>>>>Likely the only "certified" versions of Kerberos you'll find are
>>>>the ones from operating system vendors themselves, such as Sun's
>>>>Otherwise, I would expect that MIT Kerberos works on most modern
>>>>POSIX-compliant operating systems.
>>peterwu> Is Windows 2000 considered a *certified* Kerberos OS?
>>Who gets to certify a Kerberos implementation? :-)  Seriously, though,
>>what is the original poster actually asking?
> I want to know if the MIT Kerberos v5 will work on Solaris 2.9?  
> Has anyone got it to  work on Soarlis 2.9.  We want to upgrade our operating system
>  and I want to make sure there aren't going to be any major problems.
> Vanessa.
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