multiple gss_init_sec_context within a process

Alexandra Ellwood lxs at MIT.EDU
Wed Feb 5 13:12:48 EST 2003

>I am using MIT Kerberos 1.2.6.
>I am writing an application which does multiple gss_init_sec_context on
>behalf of various kerberos principals / unix users (basically the
>application does a setuid)  and also as different users (like
>uid=101,102). The application would do a setuid to appropriate user id
>(and let us assume the credentials has been already obtained by that
>Now the problem I hit is that I am not able to do a gss_init_sec_context
>for a different user once the first gss_init_sec_context has been called
>The problem I believe is that the default credential cache has already
>been setup during the first call and the same is being returned for
>subsequent init_sec_context. This is  because the kg_context
>(krb5_context) defined as static in the gssapi_krb5.c  and has already
>been initialized. Is there any consequence of making this a global and
>if we do a gss_release_cred before the next gss_init_sec_context to
>clear this default context out.

If you just want gss_init_sec_context to pick up new credentials in 
the same ccache (such as when tickets expire and the user gets new 
ones), you can call gss_release_cred() with a gss_cred_id_t_handle of 
GSS_C_NO_CREDENTIAL.  This will destroy the internally cached 
credentials.  The new call to gss_init_sec_context() will load the 
new ones.

To switch between multiple sets of krb5 credentials in different 
ccaches, you should instead use gss_krb5_ccache_name() to change the 
name of the ccache in the kg_context.  Although 
gss_krb5_ccache_name() can optionally return the old ccache name, 
there is a bug in the 1.2.x releases where it actually returns the 
new name, so don't depend on being able to get the old ccache name.

Hope this helps,

Alexandra Ellwood                                               <lxs at>
MIT Information Systems                     

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