Operating Systems & Kerbros

Luke Howard lukeh at PADL.COM
Mon Feb 3 18:16:28 EST 2003

Likely the only "certified" versions of Kerberos you'll find are 
the ones from operating system vendors themselves, such as Sun's

Otherwise, I would expect that MIT Kerberos works on most modern
POSIX-compliant operating systems.

-- Luke

>From: Vanessa Jones <vanessaj at defcen.gov.au>
>Subject: Operating Systems & Kerbros
>To: kerberos at mit.edu
>Date: Tue, 4 Feb 2003 10:13:46 +1100 (EST)
>I am looking for information on what Operating Systems MIT kerbros is certified on.
>I want to know if version 5 has been certified for Solaris 2.9?
>If you could direct me to a site with information it would be great.
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