Interoperability with windows 2003 KDC and MIT kerberos V

Frank van Rijt fvanrijt at
Tue Aug 12 15:05:16 EDT 2003

Take a look at this product, as it may fill in your needs

(create keytab files for *nix systems on the fly)



"mings heo" <mings at> wrote in message
news:72aa7147.0308111608.1c29cccd at
> I've tested interoperability with windows 2003 KDC and MIT kerberos V.
> when I create linux's service/host account on Windows 2k3,  manually I
> have to make the keytab file on windows and send it to linux.
> I'd like to make generating keytab file on linux automatically without
> making the keytab file manually.
> please tell me how to do.

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