SSO with AD, Kerberos and squid ???

greg debiansol at
Wed Apr 30 04:22:25 EDT 2003

Hi all

This is the situation : In a network with win2000 servers, users on
win2000 machines access internet trough a squid proxy. Active
directory or openldap, depends on the solution of the current problem,
is going to be set up. I'd like squid to permit access to internet
only to users who are allowed to (kind of craziness, no?!?),
permissions being declared in openldap or AD.

This can be done with squid_auth_ldap module, but this require a
password each time a user want to acces internet and I don't want
password anymore!

So is there a solution for that? I imagine the solution would be
Active Directory + Kerberos, like in sso mechanism, but is there a
kerberos support for squid?
Maybe I'm on a wrong way?

If any suggestion...


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