how to hold TGTs for multiple realms?

James Ralston ralston at
Fri Apr 25 15:13:00 EDT 2003

I have accounts in two different Kerberos 5 realms.  Neither realm has
anything to do with the other, although I have the same account name
in both realms.

If I use kinit(1) to obtain a TGT for one of the realms, any existing
TGTs I had for the other realm are overwritten.

I need to be able to hold TGTs for both realms at the same time.  How
can I do this?

(I do *not* need to be able to authenticate to both realms with a
single password, a la cross-realm authentication; I'm more than happy
to authenticate separately to each realm.  I simply need to be able to
store TGTs for multiple realms in my credentials cache file.)

TIA for any suggestions.  (I checked the FAQ already, but this
question isn't listed there.)

(I'm using the Kerberos 1.2.7 package which is shipped with Red Hat
Linux 9.)

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